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Our Core Principles

Privacy is a Right

We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right, that's why all activity on Xpo is 100% private.

Talent is everywhere

We believe that it's true that talent is equally distributed globally, but opportunities are not.

Humans + Machines

We believe that human beings are still the best judges of talent , but can be complimented by algorithms.


Our Hiring Partners

Xpo is trusted by some of the world’s most innovative organizations to identify talent.

Hire Better, together.

Tap into the intelligence of the broader Xpo hiring network to find the needle in the haystack that you are looking for.

Xpo Hiring partners accept the validity of the Xpo credential as part of their hiring process.


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"XPO is like an x-ray machine for our customer experience."

"Using XPO has enabled us to get to ground truth faster."

TJ Ross, Director Innovation @ STRV