A new kind of talent network

Built by its members

Xpo is an experimental swarm of peer-curated registries.

Our Mission: Identify the world's top talent and connect it to opportunity.


The demand for top talent far exceeds the current supply, yet the process for connecting this talent with opportunity hasn't evolved nearly as fast as the technology industry itself.

The need for new ways of identifying and evaluating talent is more critical than ever, but traditional recruiting tactics are haphazard, inconsistent, and can be off-putting to top applicants. It’s time we change that and make the process more fair, trustworthy & inclusive.

Xpo aims to maintain a peer-reviewed network of talent registries in a decentralized manner, making the process uncensorable, permissionless, and free of gatekeepers.

We believe if you are a top 5% developer, pm or designer, you shouldn't have to apply to companies, they should apply to you.

Core Principles

Privacy is a Right

We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right, that's why all Xpo registries are private by default.

Collective Wisdom

We believe that the wisdom of the crowds can be acheived through collective co-ordination of individuals.

Humans over Algorithms

We believe that human beings are still the best judges of (human) talent, not algorithsm and not recruiters.

Incentives are Key

Carrots & Sticks can help align incentives between groups that would otherwise have no reason to co-operate.

Reputation over Status

We believe reputation is slowly earned and quickly burned, while playing the status game is zero-sum.

Talent is Everywhere

The internet has made it clear that talent is evenly distributed globally, while opportunities are not.


Xpo is trusted by some of the world’s most innovative organizations to identify talent and grow their contributor communities.

Grow Together

By creating an Xpo-powered registry, you have the option to tap into the broader network.


Community Plan

  1. 1

    Phase I: Faucet for OSS developers and contributors


    The Xpo faucet goes live (off-chain). Verified OSS contributors who sign-up are eligible to join Xpo registries based on their proven expertise.

  2. 2

    Phase II: Launch on Testnet

    Late 2019

    Xpo launches on TestNet, allowing all users to start voting on and currating each registry they belong to.

  3. 3

    Phase III: Launch on Mainnet

    Early 2020

    XPO coins are distributed to verified contributors and partner organizations.


Why join Xpo?


Unlock Hidden Opportunities
Xpo surfaces on only relevant opportunities for you which aren't on public job boards and are always opt-in.
Earn Referral Rewards
Get paid a "finders fee" for each new member you invite who ends up getting hired via an Xpo registry.
Exercise your eye for talent
See how you stack up against others in terms of spotting rising global talent and establish a track record.




"XPO is like an x-ray machine for our customer experience."

"Using XPO has enabled us to get to ground truth faster."

TJ Ross, Director Innovation @ STRV