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Onboard Your Community.

Create interactive, step-by-step guides to educate, on-board & activate new community members.

You’re in good company

Xpo is trusted by some of the world’s most innovative open organizations.

Learn together. Earn Together.

By hosting your education community using Xpo, you have the option to expose your project to the broader Xpo Network.

This allows your project to find new community members who might become future contributors. Everyone wins!


The Power of an Unstoppable Community Network

Xpo is powered by your community and empowers them to educate and on-board new members.

Reputation & Incentivization

High-quality contributions are required to maintain reputation.

Self-Expression & Collaboration

Project creators can customize their community page to match their own look and feel.

Truth, Transparency & Trust

Everything on Xpo is open by default and available on Github for editing.

How it works

  1. 1

    Launch your community

    Your community portal on Xpo integrates seamlessly with the rest of your online presence — quickly change the look with HTML and CSS theming.

  2. 2

    Start a new initiative

    Choose from amongst our various templates to jump-start new members. Accept responses in any format, image, code, text, video and more.

  3. 3

    Track and Recognize

    After contributors submit their answers, you'll be able to approve them and reward with badges and more.

Ways to use Xpo

Create Playbooks
Using existing blog posts, documentation, forums and more.
Guide new members
Create a checklist of tasks for new members to get started.
On-going Education
Create incentivized excercises accelerate learning of new features and capabilities.
Referral Campaigns
Attach a referral bonus to any campaign.

"XPO is like an x-ray machine for our customer experience."

"Using XPO has enabled us to get to ground truth faster."

TJ Ross, Director Innovation @ STRV