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Success stories


A Software Engineer from the U.S was hired as the VP Engineering at a fast growing startup.


A Front-end Developer from Italy was hired for a full-time remote position.


A Back-end Developer and former Coding Dojo Instructor from Seattle was hired.

Why Join X-list?

Ditch the interviews

We value yor time and believe that your code should speak for itself, so we don't force you into a long and ardous interview process like everyone else to understand your ability.

Curated Companies

Our hiring partner network is highly vetted, so we'll only send you to top companies with a proven track record of fair and inclusive hiring processes.

Low-risk model

Because you get paid during your 3-month trial period, you can see if you like working with your chosen company, before comitting to a full-time employment relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is X-List?

X-List is Xpo.Network's exclusive hiring platform that helps top companies connect with top talent in an efficient manor, helping them skip to the front of the interview process.

How long does the application process last?

The initial application process takes less than 10 minutes to complete, and you'll receive an offer estimate immediately up completion.

Why should I join X-List when LinkedIn,Github etc are so awesome?

Xpo.Network is a great resource for building your network based on what you know, not who you know.

X-List was built so talent and companies can quickly come together to assess opportunities without the current arduous interview process.

Do I need to take coding tests to get into X-List?

No. In our experience, coding tests not only disrupt the candidate flow, but engineers with multiple years of experience also don't need to be tested at this stage in the hiring process.