Our Beliefs.

Below you’ll find a list of the things we hold dear. And the premises we reject. Xpo is built on these foundational ideals. While the professional networking space has been struck with a blank stare for years, Xpo has a clear point of view. Here’s what we believe, here’s what matters to us.


No consent, no attention

It's crazy that anyone who views your profile can grab your attention whenever *they* choose. The minute they send their message, it's at the top of your inbox, in your face, buzzing your pocket or your wrist. No more. With Xpo, no one lands in your Inbox until you’ve explicitly granted them permission. And if you don’t, you’ll never hear from them again. Simple.

Pay with money, not your privacy

“Behind closed doors, every individual is looking for a job change” This is the truth acknowledged by the corporate world. But this truth needs to be noiseless unless you get a job to voice for. Linkedin makes it difficult to hide one’s identity. Your interaction with other members over comments or your availability saying “open to opportunities” can make you the focal point in the eyes of your present employer. Xpo solves this by not having public profiles in the first place, so there is no chance for personal information to leak.

Workflows, not workarounds

Saving profiles you find to a spreadsheet. Writing draft emails to yourself because you have no where else to store and search through leads. The days of doing one thing to mean another are over. Hacky, roundabout workflows be gone. Xpo gives you proper workflows for the way people source today.

Start fresh

People’s first instinct is to bring their entire network with them wherever they try out a new service. But that’s a major liability, and 90% of it is dead weight. Xpo doesn’t import all your contacts from other services because we believe a fresh start is a blessing, not a curse. A moment to cut ties with the past and start again. A new house with new furniture, not one packed with all your old crappy stuff from college.

Convention over configuration

You shouldn’t have to write programmatic / boolean searches, or jump through settings screens and configuration hoops to get your searches to do what you want them to do. Xpo takes a more humanistic approach with built-in workflows, simple options, natural organization, and pre-defined locations that put the right profile in the right place.

Just say flow

Rather than encourage people to spam as many people as possible just to find a relevant lead, Xpo takes advantage of time. When you view a profile, it just moves down, and, eventually, moves off when newer profiles come and take its place. In Xpo, profiles just flow, they don't pile up. Let go.

Surface, don’t dig

Other network's are a hassle because you’re constantly digging for information. Digging to find that connection, or that person that can connect you to the right connection. Xpo brings things to the surface. See the connections you have in common, without having to ask. Set your 'Favs' up-front and then let Xpo do the rest of the heavy lifting. Even add sticky notes to contacts that should stay top of mind.

Social capital is not a number

Our lives are full of numbers telling us we’re behind. You have 1,000 connections, or maybe it's 500+ . That’s enough. That’s why there are no connection counts in Xpo. No numbers telling you how many connections you or your overly-eager colleague in the sales team has. Networking isn’t a game, you don’t need to keep score.