Our Promise

No data abuse

We care about your privacy and safety. Here's what we're doing to protect your data.

  • 1. No barriers to exit - If you want to delete your account, you can do so in our app at any time. None of the data you have will be saved then, unless it's meta data (such as actions or visits) that help us improve our applications.

  • 2. No hidden profiles - You can edit your profile at any time in our application. We may suggest information to add to your profile using 3rd party services.

  • 3. No unexpected sharing - We don't share information of your contacts with anyone unless you explicitly give someone access to your contacts.

  • 4. No advertising - We don't have any ads. In the future we would consider adding advertisements, only that are useful to users.

  • 5. Data security - We encrypt all our traffic and any of the tools we use to build and offer our products, such as Amazon Web Services, Intercom and Segment, also add additional security.

No spam

  • 1. No spam - We never send messages to any of your contacts, unless you explicitly ask us to.

  • 2. No contact scraping - We don't upload your address book to our servers if you give us permission to read it. We just read it as its stored on your device. That way, we can't email your address book contacts, even if we wanted to.

  • 3. No mass messaging - You can only ask us to send a message to your contacts one at a time, never in bulk. We store only the information necessary to relay your message to them. They don't have to sign up to our service and won't be considered a member, customer or subscriber.

More info

  • 1. Privacy policy - Our policy regarding your private information and data.

  • 2. Terms of use - An overview of the legal terms for using our products.

  • 3. Acceptable use policy - Our acceptable use policy ensures we are fostering a positive community of good actors.

  • 4. Contact us - We are always open to feedback. What do you think of our policies? Get in touch if you have any suggestions or questions.


The XPO.Network Team