Referal Payment Policy

Last Modified: May 30, 2019

This Referal Payment Policy describes how Prism Labs, Inc. collectively referred to as "XPO.Network" (or "we" or “us” or “our”) handles referal payments through our (“Services”). Please take the time to carefully read through this policy.

This document applies to Users of Our Services and has an effect any time that both (i) XPO.Network actually receives a Success Fee from a Client (the “Hiring Client”) after the Hiring Client
hires a User of the Services (such a User the “Hired User”) and (ii) the required time period
elapses such that XPO.Network can guarantee that no refund of such Success Fee to such Hiring
Client will ever become necessary. Under such circumstances, certain, but not all, Users of Our
Services, may receive an "Referal Payment”, as calculated following the steps listed below.

1. Calculating the referal chain length

First, XPO.Network will compute the Length of the shortest Chain of Links between
Users of Our Services required to connect the Hired User to the “Company Owner” (the
User whose account controls the Hiring Client’s Company on the Site). This number is
the “Shortest Chain Length”. For example, if there are two (2) separate Chains of Length
two (2), and four (4) separate Chains of Length three (3), the Shortest Chain Length is
two (2). The Length of the Chain is defined as the number of Links between Users in the
Chain. A Link is a data object in the XPO.Network Site’s database indicating that one
User (the “Recommending User”) recommends another User (the “Recommended User”). A Chain is a set of
Links in which the Recommended User of one Link is the Recommended User of the next and so on.
a. In this example, the Chains of Length two (2) may be:
i. Company Owner Alice Hired User
ii. Company Owner Bob Hired User
b. In this example, the Chains of Length three (3) may be:
i. Company Owner Alice Bob Hired User
ii. Company Owner Alice Charles Hired User
iii. Company Owner Bob Charles Hired User
iv. Company Owner Bob Daniel Hired User

2. Calulating compensation

Once XPO.Network has computed the Shortest Chain Length, all Chains with Length
equal to the Shortest Chain Length will be considered the Compensated Chains (the
Chains resulting in Referal Payments). All longer Chains are discarded. In this example
there are two (2) Compensated Chains.
a. Example Compensated Chains:
i. Company Owner Alice Hired User
ii. Company Owner Bob Hired User

3. Calculating portions

Next, the Number Of Portions is computed, defined as [one more than (1+)] [[the number
of Compensated Chains] multiplied by [the Shortest Chain Length minus one (-1)]]. In
this example, the Number Of Portions is two (2).
a. Example: 1 + [Compensated Chains (2) * Shortest Chain Length minus 1 (1)] = 3
b. The result should be that there is a Portion for every instance of every User in
every Chain, except that there is always only one Portion for the Hired User, and
no Portions for the Company Owner, whose incentive is purely to make hires.

4. Final calculation

Next, the “Total Referal Payments Amount” is computed, defined as 50% of the
Success Fee.



The XPO.Network Team