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Do I have to know the people I recommend?

Yes, ideally you've even worked directly with them in the past.

Will the people I recommend see my recommendations?

No. Our platform is completely anonymous up until the point where talent are introduced to employers, so your identity will never be revelaed.

How many recommendations can I make?

Currently there is a 10 recommendation limit to ensure quality over quantity. We may increase this in the future.

Will Xpo spam me and my friends?

Absolutely not! Talent on the platform can see a list of every company that is interested in potentially hiring based on connections (which are hidden).

Can I get paid for making referrals?

If you are involved in a hire that happens because your recommendations are part of the chain(s) leading to the hire, you will get paid a part of the recruiter fee. See here for more details.

When do I receive payments?

You will start receiving referral payments after your recommendees have been placed in a role at an Xpo hiring partner and have stayed over 90 days. The longer they stay, the higher your payment.

Is there any limit to the amount of talent registries I can join?

Currently, there is no limit to the number of registries you can join, however you should only apply to registries where you are a match.

How does Xpo compare to other job sites?

Xpo is different in that we work through trusted referrals

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