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Success stories


Hired a Software Engineer.
UC Berkeley Masters, startup VP Engineering


Found 10 new dApp Developers to help build their 3rd party ecosystem.


Hired a Front-end Contractor. Wellesley College & Coding Dojo Instructor. Worked at Amazon

How it works

Hire the best engineering talent, at a fraction of the time & cost.

1) Candidate Sourcing

We'll trigger a search based on your job descriptions and invite talent to join your own customized X-list talent pool. You may optionally send us prospective candidates.

2) Vetting & Initial Offer

In 24-72 hours, we'll have vetted and collected verified recommendations and give a preliminary trial offer to each candidate.

3) Work trial & Final Offer

Work with a short-listed set of your chosen candidates for up to 3-months to mutually assess fit before comitting to a full-time employement offer.

Why X-List?

Machine + Peer-vetted Talent Pool

We believe that human beings, assisted by algorithms, are the best combination to accurately judge talent, which is why our talent are automatically assessed & peer-vetted.

Reduced Hiring Time & Risk

Because you get to work alongside all talent on X-list during a trial period, you can assess things like working style & cultural fit before placing an offer to a candidate.

Transparency & Fairness

Since Xpo benchmarks candidate levels across our talent network, we are able to fairly and accurately set suggested salary ranges and minimize negotiation back and forth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is X-List?

X-List is Xpo.Network's exclusive hiring platform that helps top companies source and start work-trials with the top 1% of engineering talent on Xpo.Network.

How does it work?

Send us your sourcing list of target candidates or we'll create our own based on your open job descriptions.

When you see candidates who look like a fit, you'll be able to invite them to join your company on a work trail.

What is a work trial?

A work trial is a contract-to-hire role set up and administered by Xpo. The goal of the work trail is to get to know a candidate in a real work situation to mutually assess fit before comitting to a full-time offer. You may cancel your work-trial at any time, for any reason.

Why should I use X-List when the Xpo.Network Platform is so awesome?

Xpo.Network is a great resource for building your start-up talent brand. We recommend that companies use Xpo.Network and X-List in tandem, by updating their job listings on Xpo.Network to increase the flow of inbound applicants.

Do candidates take coding tests to get onto X-List?

No. In our experience, coding tests not only disrupt the candidate flow, but engineers with multiple years of experience also don't need to be tested at this stage in the hiring process. Insteas we have developed a solution to automatically benchmark a candidates code based on their previous work.

What is the pricing like?

Pricing is based on the total amount of estimated hires you are planning to make. If you do hire someone, we also have a 6-month, pro-rated cash-back guarantee. Pricing can be discussed with an X-List rep. For more information, please chat us or email: hello at xpo.network or fill out the form above.