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Hired a Software Engineer.
UC Berkeley Masters, startup VP Engineering


Found 10 new dApp Developers to help build their 3rd party ecosystem.


Hired a Front-end Contractor. Wellesley College & Coding Dojo Instructor. Worked at Amazon

How it works

Hire the best engineering & design talent in half the time.

Only the best candidates

Sourced from over 30 million profiles, identified by algorithms and curated by humans. Under 1% of candidates qualify.

Hire within 2 weeks

Don’t waste time on unresponsive leads — candidates respond within 72 hours. Set up an interview in days, hire within 2 weeks.

Only pay when you hire

There’s no upfront cost to browse and chat with candidates. Only pay when you hire, with the safety of a 3 month guarantee.

Why Xpo?


We believe that human beings are still the best judges of (human) talent, which is why our applicants are voted in by their peers.

Trusted Referrals

Because many of the Xpo talent registires are invite-only, you won't have to scour through hundreds of resumes to find quality candidates.

Low-risk model

Because Xpo works to help you grow your network via trusted referrals, the risk of hiring through Xpo is dramatically decreased.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is X-List?

X-List is Xpo.Network's exclusive hiring platform that helps top companies source and start conversations with the top 1% of tech, sales, and pm talent on Xpo.Network.

Currently, X-List is only for those based in (or willing to relocate to) the San Francisco Bay area, Greater Los Angeles area, Greater New York area, and the Greater Boston area.

How does it work?

The X-List team then hand-selects the best of the best candidates and invites them to X-List. We send you an email (every Tuesday and Thursday) featuring new X-List candidates who opted in that week.

When you see candidates who look like a fit, send them a message through the platform. Within 1 week, you'll know if they are interested in interviewing or learning more about the role.

Why should I use X-List when the Xpo.Network Platform is so awesome?

Xpo.Network is a great resource for building your start-up talent brand. We highly recommend that companies use Xpo.Network and X-List in tandem, by updating their job listings on Xpo.Network to increase the flow of inbound applicants.

X-List was built so companies can quickly interview in-demand candidates before anyone else and fill roles for senior engineer/design/data science/pm/sales positions.

I send LinkedIn messages to top candidates all day and they don't respond. Why would top candidates on X-List be any different?

We cut out the noise by utilizin intent signals we receive on Xpo.Network to find candidates who are actually open to getting pitched to.

Unlike other platforms, messages sent through X-List hold candidates responsible for responding to you within 1 week. And candidate profiles automatically expire after 4 weeks, unless a candidate requests to keep their profiles active on the site.

Do candidates take coding tests to get onto X-List?

No. In our experience, coding tests not only disrupt the candidate flow, but engineers with multiple years of experience also don't need to be tested at this stage in the hiring process. We don't have coding tests because we want you to connect with top candidates before anyone else.

If your company requires a coding test, then by all means, please communicate that when messaging candidates.

What is the pricing like?

There is no upfront fee to browse our X-List candidates or message candidates. If you do hire someone, we also have a 90-day cash-back guarantee. Pricing can be discussed with an X-List rep. For more information, please chat us or email: hello at xpo.network or fill out the form above.